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What are the benefits in attending a large institution?

What is it like being a first generation student?

How to make friends while in college?

Coming from a different county; how can I adjust to a new culture​?

What are the benefits of attending a new institution?

Should I attend my hometown’s University?

Do I need to graduate before I get an internship?

Should I pursue a Master’s Degree?

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Focus on the Journey

Focus on the Journey

Society has a way of putting pressure on people because they do not meet certain standards. I have come to realize over the years that people tend to show the finished product and never the process. The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect human being. We...

Old Frontier of Education

Old Frontier of Education

When pursuing my bachelor's degree, a good percentage of my classes have been online. Given the new frontier of technology, many colleges and universities are putting a lot of resources into their online platform. However, no matter how hard anyone tries, nothing can...

Don’t Be Afraid of a Challenge

Don’t Be Afraid of a Challenge

Do not be afraid to challenge yourself. Most of my college life, I took about 6 credits (2 classes) a semester. Occasionally, I took 12 credits (4 classes) which is considered full time. People would always tell me if I take more classes, I am setting myself up for...

Why I Started this Website

Why I Started this Website

The transition from high school to college can be rough.  Once you step foot on a Higher Ed institution, there are new expectations, standards, and goals you must reach. For many people, this can be overwhelming. You enter into a new environment similar to when you...

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Hello Leaders! My name is Jefferson “Jeff” Noel. I am a Haitian-American community educator, born and raised in Miami, FL.  Leaders Accelerating National Excellence (LANE) was birth out of a passion to build strong, educated leaders. LANE is a national resource for high school students who have questions about life in higher education. Many students do not have active mentors to teach them about what to expect in college or how to make optimal life choices. For that reason, I  compiled hundreds of questions from high school students concerning college. Afterward, I asked Student Government Presidents and Vice Presidents in universities around the country to answer those questions to provide the students with unique perspectives. This, in turn, would help give more clarity and understanding to life in college which would strengthen and empower the next generation of learners.

– Jeff Noel

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