When pursuing my bachelor’s degree, a good percentage of my classes have been online. Given the new frontier of technology, many colleges and universities are putting a lot of resources into their online platform. However, no matter how hard anyone tries, nothing can replace the in-classroom learning environment. I can confidently say, the amount I learned through lectures and classroom discussion supersedes the information I retain online. In the classroom, I have learned to speak up, share my opinion without fear, getting corrected in front of everyone, and expand my bandwidth of understanding. Sitting next to people who are hungry to learn just as much as you make a world of a difference.

My advice to the next generation of students is to never neglect the classroom. I understand online learning has the advantage of working around your schedule. But if you are not learning effectively, you are missing the core reason you are taking the class. Never prioritize convenience over education. Obtaining a degree without actually learning and building new relationships devalues the money you spent at the institution. My intent is not to discourage you from taking online classes. My goal, however, is to ask you to examine your motives before choosing between online and in person. Your objective when choosing your class should be to place yourself in the best possible position to receive a strong education.